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"We'll make a stop here" Diorama

" The road ahead is long and perilous ... we shall need our strength to carry on. We'll stop here and make camp for the night. The ruins and the birch trees shall offer us a good shelter."

With this project I wanted to experiment more with low-poly objects and hand-painted textures while still trying to tell a story through the environment. I'm quite happy how most of it turned out, and I have learned a great deal about making foliage and trees and how to be more frugal with UV space and texture sizes

Thomas andy butnariu forestdiora3

Beauty Shot 1

Thomas andy butnariu forestdiora2

Beauty Shot 2

Thomas andy butnariu forestdiora1

Beauty Shot 3

Marmoset Viewer

Thomas andy butnariu fordio w 4
Thomas andy butnariu forestdiora2


Thomas andy butnariu forestdiora3

Props Breakdown

Thomas andy butnariu forestdiora4

Props Breakdown Wireframe